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The Greek premiere of "Medea" was on December 8, 2011 at the non-competition program of the Corinthian International Film Festival! Especially for the screening, together with organizes of the festival, Greek translation and Greek subtitles were done. The premiere was at ancient city Corinth where the events of the ancient Greek Myth and our film occurred and where Medea lived and king Creont ruled.

"Medea" took part in the competition of the London Greek Film Festival (17-25 October 2011)

"Medea" got the Silver Medal at the Park-City Film Music Festival (USA) on May 30, 2011

"Medea" took part in the competition's programme of the XIII International Festival of Independent Film "Deboshirfilm - Pure Dreams".

“Medea” received the Special Prize of the 5th Cyprus International Film Festival for the music score of the film.
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You may find the video about participation of “Medea” in the Gatchina’s film festival at the site of the informational agency “Kinoavtograf”:

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 2009
Literary base - by the tragedy of Seneca “Medea”.

Scriptwriter , director and producer - Natalia Kuznetsova.
Composer - Natalia Kuznetsova.
Artist – Ivan Malgin.
Camera - Natalia Kuznetsova.

Leading roles - Lilian Navrozashvili (“Wolfhound” etc.), Kim Druzhinin (“To catch witch” etc.)

Other roles- Alexander Anisimov, Galina Petrova, Mikhail KHomichenok, Bogdan Rubanov, Oleg Yudin, Andrey Ershov, Dmitry Serdyuk.

Length - 66 min.

Medea, the Colchian princess in past, just has learned that her husband Jason has to marry Creusa, daughter of king Creon. Broken-hearted, she cannot believe that Jason, for whom she has performed many crimes, can abandon her. She helped him to steal Golden Fleece from her father, she abandoned her kingdom following her husband, and she killed her younger brother to stop the pursuit. The death of king Pelias, who didn’t return Jason legal power of the kingdom, was also Medea’s fault.

Medea cannot live without Jason because of an amorous arrow in her heart sent by Jerot under the gods’ will. So, she decided to return Jason or take revenge. Her vengeance will be awful, because Medea is not a simple woman, she is a sorceress, and weird forces come to her under her call.

The film was created in a new for cinema genre of Rhythmodrama, in which the main basis of acting and atmosphere is the music written before shooting. Music lasts for 64 minutes in the 66 minutes of the film. Actors rehearsed under music, following temporhythm of music during reading of the poem (there are no vocals in the film). Music defined the mood of scenes and the order of montage. The tragedy of Seneca “Medea” written in a poetic style is very comfortable for realization of abilities of the emotion influence of the Rhythmodrama.
As the films of the same name of Lars von Trier and Paolo Pazolini, “Medea” of Natalia Kuznetsova, first of all, is author’s film, that shows a special glance at the famous myth about the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. The movie involved not only usual cinematographic means, but graphics, computer processing of frames, and 3-D animation.

Natalia Kuznetsova, director, composer:
“Medea” of Seneca, which I read during my study in Theatrical Academy, impressed me by its strength. Therefore, I decided to make a performance where the atmosphere would be created by music. For one year I wrote melodies, carefully listening for the duration of pauses and musical phrases, trying to feel every personage and catch the mood of every scene. At that time, the project was not realized. However, this idea didn’t leave me, and after several years I made the film based on the genius play of Seneca.

We aimed for minimalism in the movie so that the decorations and bright details didn’t distract the acting. The suits were done according to ancient Greek’s models which were ideal in their harmony and simplicity. It is well known that ancient Greek’s suit consisted of chiton (shirt) and himation (cloak). The main role in their dress played the art of drapery but not cutting.

There were a lot of rehearsals before shooting. The actors had to understand text written in complicated poetic language two thousand years ago. Rehearsals went in studio method and under music that gave the unity of atmosphere. There was a lot of interesting suggesting from participants: Lilian Navrozashvili, player of the leading role of Medea, young talented actor Kim Druzhinin (Jason), experienced actors Alexander Anisimov (Creon) and Galina Petrova (Nurse).

Role of Medea took special attention. As a result, Lilian Navrozashvili (a usually smiling and charming woman) got so into her role, that a colleague of hers, who met us in the theatre after rehearsals, saw her face and asked me, “ What have you done with her?”

Young actors Mikhail Khomichenok and Bogdan Rubanov undoubtedly beautified the film. I didn’t see Mikhail before shooting. Another boy had to play Elder son. But in the evening before shooting it became known that he had wounded his leg and couldn’t walk. The cold autumn was coming, and shooting couldn’t be postponed. I stood near a station of metro and tried to invite any appropriate boy. But I got only strange glances and negative answers from mothers with children that considered me to be an adventurer or mad. Then I remembered that my friend had a son of the same age whom I had never seen. My friend agreed to help me only after my third desperate call because Misha was seriously occupied with figure skating and couldn’t stop his training. I promised her that our shooting would be finished before 14.00. Words of my friend that Misha was a beautiful boy turned out to be the truth and, moreover, he looked like a real son of his cinema parents Jason and Medea.

I met the performer of the role of Younger son, the favorite of our entire cinema troupe, while he was walking with his mother in Tavricheskiy Garden. In one glance I realized that I saw the star of world cinema! :-) So as a real star, 5-year old Bogdan showed his tongue to the director; after half-hourly shooting he told he was tired and wanted to go home; he refused to repeat episodes ( maybe he thought he did everything ideally, but forgot that others were not as genius as him). He refused to take off his shirt until all of the beach wouldn’t be covered with heaters, and ran out.;-) To say truth, mother of the Elder son remarked, “He make properly. He is only one clever between you. Temperature of air is 12 degrees Celsius!” We had to mask shirt with himation (old Greece cloak) and trimmed all close-up, where the shirt was seen, during montage. In spite of it all, the role of the Younger son, brilliantly played by Bogdan Rubanov, is one of the best in the film.